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CME Today! How You May Be Affected

Soalr meditation

Be prepared to receive a blast of energy from the sun today folks!

The sun released a rather large coronal mass ejection (CME) a couple of days ago and entered earth's atmosphere last night. We will continue to feel its effects throughout the day.

That may mean power outages, cellphone service interruptions and well, interruptions of anything electrical or electromagnetic.
We are electromagnetic beings, so that includes us! You may be blasted positively with creative energy...or i…

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Rise Up. Raise Your Frequency. This is a spiritual war.


These are wise words. Take heed. 

Many years ago I had the privilege of being in the presence of Grandfather William and felt the power of his wampum belt with the seven sacred fires during ceremony. I marvelled at how the symbols of the seven centres of power were present even within the native traditions of Canada. A few years prior I also discovered them within the Cherokee tradition when I sat with Dhyani Ywahoo. And most notable of all, I found the teachings of the seven chaklas within the a…

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Michael Jaco Interview with Michelle Fielding


A Michael Jaco interview with spiritual coach, Michelle Fielding,  who channels very high frequency angelic beings.

They discuss current events and share some very encouraging news regarding the status of  the mass awakening of consciousness.

They also share about the awakening of their spiritual gifts and how that process unfolded for them.


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Big Energy Shift

This has been an intense one! It feels like we are on the cusp of a whole new reality.
This commentary from Jennifer Tuffen sums up the energy of this summer solstice:

’The (summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere) solstice is happening on the 20/21 of June. The energy will shift and you can expect a powerful change. We received some pretty high energy as a preparation for the solstice, when the Schumann resonance blackout happened. It was a time of "darkness"…

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