Are You Ready for Some Spiritual Adventure Travel in the New Year? Join Asha in Bacalar, Mexico!


Dear Friends,

I invite you to join me for four days of bliss at the magnificent waterfront retreat center at the Bacalar Lagoon to immerse yourself in the ancient spiritual knowledge of Yokhah Maya - the tradition that was brought to the Maya from Atlantis and later seeded the great yoga traditions of India and Tibet. There is a paradigm-shifting new history to be explored here!

You can reserve your spot with a deposit of only $250USD over at my partner site, Mystik Maya. You may want to arrive for the retreat a few days earlier and join the Mayan pyramid activation journeys that I have created with Quetza Sha. Here are all of the details:

Yokhah Maya Mexico Retreat

I hope to see you there!


PS - You may want to arrive a week earlier and join the Mystik Maya tour with Shaman Healer Quetza-Sha. That info can be found here:


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