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How I can help you...

After more than 30 years of teaching and helping others to raise their vibration, I am naturally inspired to:

  • Help you to keep you personal vibration strong so you will never again neglect your own wellbeing.
  • Provide you with tools for assessing where you may be stuck in your life and how to get back on track.
  • Help you to establish a daily practice that will suit your lifestyle and temperament.
  • Show you how to de-mystify the spiritual and elevate all aspects of you life.
  • Remind you that the main reason you are here is to learn how to transform fear into love.
  • Provide a big picture blueprint for your evolutionary journey and the multi-dimensional being that you truly are.

If you are feeling the call to enhance your personal vibration and evolve into the next phase of your soul's journey, please send me a message and let me know what some of your challenges are....

My Extraordinary Journey


I continue my studies in consciousness and frequency as an avid student of NASA physicist and consciousness expert, Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything).  His theory is now my current working model of reality based on the principle of love and cooperation as the driving force behind our evolution. 

Through the application of Tom's work, I have found new opportunities to expand my journey within the larger consciousness system  to lower my entropy and evolve into a more loving, compassionate and wise version of myself.

Today, I am a transformational coach and teacher who works with Personal Frequency and the Seven Centers of Power as a roadmap to help sincere seekers make meaning of their lives and their purpose for being. Recently, I created the program, Raise Your Frequency, for spiritual teachers, influencers and seekers to tap into the power of personal vibration so they can show up powerfully in the world and lead the way into the next phase of human evolution which some call the ascension into 5D and others may call the Golden Age.

It is clear to me that the solution to humankind's most pressing challenges lies within the realm of frequency. We are fundamentally beings of consciousness living this temporary experience as human beings. Frequency is the basis of our reality, the medium through which our world is made manifest. Mastering frequency will be necessary to evolve into our next step as a human race. It is both our greatest challenge and our salvation.

 Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Lenox, Massachusetts

In 1992, thanks to one of my fitness students who had become a yoga devotee, I was gifted with an opportunity to study yoga at Kripalu Center, and with the development of my yoga skills, my business morphed into a fitness and yoga centre. The yoga offered an opportunity to bring the group experience into a more refined version of resonance - a deep, inward journey into altered states of consciousness.

I spent about 10 years commuting between her home in Winnipeg and Kripalu Center, one of America's largest yoga retreat centers. In the '80's and '90's Kripalu was a traditional yoga ashram with a guru, Amrit Desai, and a residential community of more than 100 virtuous and dedicated yogis. I completed Level 1 and Level 2 teacher training and was subsequently invited to become part of the yoga teacher training staff, first as a volunteer and later as a paid program director.

At Kripalu I got a taste of the guru/disciple relationship and also learned from the multitude of fine teachers who passed through Kripalu's doors:  a young Deepak Chopra, Bikram Choudry, John Gray, Caroline Myss, Beryl Birch Bender, Judith Lasater and so many more. My skill as a yoga teacher was refined and I quickly applied all of the new learning to my yoga studio back home. I was privileged to be one of a handful of teachers who were mentored as a director of the Kripalu's teacher training program. Here I learned the skill of holding space for deep, transformational experiences and to facilitate groups of 40-60 students or more. I experienced altered states of consciousness through the meditative, pranic style of yoga practiced at Kripalu and deepened my education of what is possible in terms of human frequency.

While travelling to study at Kripalu, I simultaneously ran a yoga studio in Winnipeg called Heartland Yoga. I also hosted a popular public access TV show called Discovering Yoga. This business ended prematurely when I became pregnant with twins and chose to be nearer the babies' father in Mexico.

For a couple of years I taught yoga in the Mexican city of Playa Del Carmen and, although it was short-lived, opened one of the first yoga studios in the area called Maya Yoga Del Caribe on Calle Corazon.

Shamanic Education

Simultaneous to my Kripalu education, I also embarked on a series of shamanic initiations in Mexico with Maya Elder, Hunbatz Men as well as other shamanic teachers: Don Alejandro Cerillo Perez of Guatemala, Maya/Aztec Shaman, Quetza-sha, and Cherokee teacher, Barbara Hand Clow. I toured the pyramids of the Yucatan peninsula and Central America with spiritual seekers from around the world and discovered new multi-dimensional approaches to spirituality and an entirely new cosmology.

During one of the ceremonies I experienced a shift in personal frequency that had a profound effect on my life. I understand this today as a solar initiation. With Hunbatz Men, I also discovered that kundalini yoga and the chakras were not unique to India. They were to be found in ancient Mexico also in the form of Yok'hah Maya. More than that, I found that the seven centers of power were universal in nature and to be found in ancient Egypt and within Native American traditions like the Cherokee. This added further inspiration to my quest for the deeper meaning of life and the process of enlightenment.

Yoga Teacher Training, Vancouver, British Columbia

I was one of the first instructors of yoga teachers in the Vancouver area in the 2000's and certified hundreds of yoga teachers through my yoga academy called Nirvana School of Yoga which operated out of locations like the popular Open Door Yoga Studio, Semperviva Yoga and the Pacific Inn in South Surrey.

I also brought groups of students to Mexico on yoga vacations and for teacher training. She was one of the pioneers of yoga destination-retreats beginning in the mid-nineties and continuing through this period.

 Salute the Sun Yoga Retreat, 2007

The Early Days

Intensive immersion into the world of frequency and vibration which developed neuroplasticty of the brain as well as the discipline to sit for long periods - excellent preparation for my later meditation practice: In the early, early days, from age 8 to 18, I studied classical music on the pipe organ. Coming from a Dutch Protestant family where the pipe organ was revered, I was given weekly lessons and logged many long hours of practice with her mother's kitchen timer (to make sure she didn't cut it short) keeping beat with the metronome. At the age of 18 I completed my Grade 10 Western Board exam and won first prize in the Manitoba Music Festival in the pipe organ category (Photo: third from the right). My swan song from my formal studies was Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue in D-' . Unfortunately, there are no recordings of me playing it that have survived, but to give you a taste of the classical pipe organ, tune in here.

'Toccata & Fugue in D-' by J.S. Bach, Artist Unknown:



My career began in fashion began when I caught the eye of acclaimed Vancouver fashion figure, Monique Gabin, who hired me as her Assistant Buyer at the ripe age of twenty for her chain of womens' fashion stores called MG1. Monique mentored me in business and modelled how to be a heart-centered and powerful woman.

Monique and I shared an interest in spirituality. She introduced me to a psychic medium who provided me with a personal experience that represented irrefutable proof of an afterlife. This confirmation of life after death initiated a deep spiritual exploration of spirituality and metaphysics that would become the hallmark of my life.

Work-out Classes - A Crash Course in Resonance


Making a quick career change early on, I returned to my home town of Winnipeg and became one of the city's leading fitness instructors first with a company called Bodyworks and later with my own fitness studio called the Westminster Workout: Where Your Body Will Come Alive, Your Spirit Will Soar, and Your Socks Don't Have to Match. It was an immediate hit and a thriving community hub for a number of years. I taught high intensity 'pump-it-up' kinds of classes, all the rage back then, but the classes I always got the most satisfaction from were my own style of yoga-stretch class.

These classes were an entryway into the world of vibration and resonance. Workout classes were a modern, high energy version of tribal dance where the community gets together to shake and move to the same beat. The sweaty 'high' experience during a work-out was a form of brain entrainment and vibrational resonance that was very satisfying.


Peace Activist


In the mid-'80's I was an active participant in the grass roots peace movement in Winnipeg, participating as a board member of the Winnipeg Coordinating Committee for Disarmament and helping to plan the annual Walk for Peace and serving as a delegate to the Canadian Peace Alliance, attending conferences internationally. In the mid-'80's Walks for Peace were happening in every major city in North America as citizens acted to protest the nuclear arms race between East and West and a potential nuclear conflict that might destroy all life on the planet. In 1984, approximately 100,000 citizens took to the streets in New York City, and in Winnipeg 40-50,000 concerned citizens took part. A major inspiration at this time was Dr. Helen Caldicott, featured in the documentary,  'If You Love This Planet'.

I also served as a Winnipeg representative to the Canadian Peace Alliance, travelling internationally to attend peace conferences in the former Soviet Union, Greece, the UK, Germany and Czechoslovakia. This provided an excellent geopolitical education and direct insight into the manipulation of the mainstream media coverage of such events worldwide.