What is Yok'hah Maya?


Discover the Ancient Wisdom of Yok'hah Maya

Yok’hah Maya is a unique set of  authentic shamanic yoga practices that will connect you deeply with the beauty, power and rhythms of the natural world. It roots are deep  within Mother Earth and spans your connection to the stars.

The ancient Maya were master astronomers, mathematicians, architects and astrologers. They had a vast and expansive understanding of the universe and cosmic cycles and worked closely with the energy of the sun as the vehicle for spiritual illumination.

They left a great legacy of universal knowledge that belongs to all of humanity that has nearly been lost.

The practice of Yok'hah Maya represents an astonishing new set of teachings, related to traditional yoga practices, yet distinct and different. The fact that yoga existed at all in ancient Mesoamerica is a mystery that takes us beyond traditional historical and archeological records. How is it that yoga existed in the Maya lands? How are there so many similarities with yoga practices in India? Were they distant cousins? Did they travel across the vast expanse of ocean to share their culture, and if so, how? By sea? By air? 

Where on earth did these sophisticated practices come from? Perhaps they did not originate on earth at all and the knowledge came from extraterrestrial visitors. After all, there is ample evidence that the Maya had visitations from off planet civilizations whom they considered their ancient ancestors.  Or, like the Indian rishis and saints in India, the information was downloaded directly from Source/Great Spirit. 

As we enter a new solar cycle and the great wave of ascension energy that it brings, these questions represent the central and most pressing issues of our time:

How may we most effectively navigate these changes both within ourselves and within our world?

Are there benevolent off-planet races who shared advanced knowledge with humanity in the past and may do so again?

Are extraterrestrials time travellers from the future or past who have returned to assist humanity with firsthand experience of what the shift of a solar age may look like?

Explore these questions and more with as she shares her firsthand experiences of learning and initiation with the Mayan elders and shamans who have kept this knowledge alive over the centuries.

Join us on the path to illumination...

A note from Asha:

The teachings of Yok'hah Maya were shared with myself and a handful of others directly by Mayan Elder and Daykeeper, Hunbatz Men, (RIP) beginning in 1996. It is with heartfelt gratitude that  I am sharing these teachings now with the hope that they will resonate and provide support to those who are sincerely seeking knowledge and truth.

Yok'hah Maya represents a great cultural treasure, kept secret, for long centuries,  that is resurfacing now to assist humanity in the great awakening process unfolding. It belongs to everyone.

Elder Hunbatz would often remind us that we are the Maya from the past, returning now to rekindle this ancient knowledge. If you are reading these words you are very likely a Maya returning also.

With great respect to the creator, known to the Maya as Hunab Ku, the Giver of Movement and Measure.

In Lak'ech, I am another you

Asha with Elder Hunbatz Men, Uxmal, Yucatan 1996

Here Comes the Sun:

Cosmic Maya Yoga

3 LIVE Zoom Classes with Asha

Starts February 4, 2023

Our ascension is speeding up!

Learn to integrate the energy of the sun as a vehicle for spiritual illumination as we transition into a new solar cycle known to the Maya as the Sixth Sun.

Join Asha for a unique exploration of practices from the East and the West that include meditation, breathwork and simple physical movements focused around activation of the chakra and the energetic pathways of your subtle light body.

Topics covered:

  • brief history of Yok'hah Maya origins and influence
  • explanation of how solar energy fuels our ascension
  • use of breath, hand mudras,physical postures & meditation
  • activation of the prana body & kundalini awakening

Create a daily practice for yourself that will allow you to integrate these powerful solar and cosmic energies in a way that minimizes the discomfort of 'ascension symptoms' and accelerates your evolution.