CME Today! How You May Be Affected

Be prepared to receive a blast of energy from the sun today folks!

The sun released a rather large coronal mass ejection (CME) a couple of days ago and entered earth's atmosphere last night. We will continue to feel its effects throughout the day.

That may mean power outages, cellphone service interruptions and well, interruptions of anything electrical or electromagnetic.
We are electromagnetic beings, so that includes us! You may be blasted positively with creative energy...or it may overload your system and cause anxiety, headaches, emotional release and so forth...

Solar activity like this electrifies our energy/light bodies - it helps to expand our consciousness. It is like a light bulb plugged into the electrical system suddenly receiving a surge of energy. Use this time wisely to integrate as much of this energy as possible...If you practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis you will be better prepared to integrate this energy. It will ignite changes within your light body and DNA similar to a kundalini activation.

So, please take it easy today...take the day off or lighten your load in some way. Take extra time for gentle yoga stretches to calm your nervous system...or some deep, slow breathing.

Most of all, be kind to one another!


PS - For more on the CME go to: Space Weather News


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