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Join Asha in Bacalar, Mexico!

Cayuco Retreat

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to announce my new Yokhah Maya Retreat in magical Bacalar Lagoon, Mexico! You will fall in love with this place...

And, you will never regret practicing Yokhah Maya while immersed in the beauty of the land of the Maya.

You can reserve your spot with a deposit of only $250USD. Here are all of the details:

Yokhah Maya Mexico Retreat

I hope to see you there!


PS - You may want to arrive a week earlier and join the Mystik Maya tour with Shaman Healer Quetza-Sh…

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In Case You Missed It!


In case you missed it!

I made this presentation at the Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference in Orlando in October. I promised to make the slideshow available online, sohere it is on my new Youtube channel called Journey of Awakening with Asha.

Go To Youtube Channel

It's a new channel, so if you feel so inclined please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to help me get started and to receive new updates. Gracias!

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Gracias Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference - The Return of Quetzalcoatl Is NOW

Greetings All,

The Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference in Orlando, Florida was an enormous success! 950 attendees - a room full of awakened, activated, heart-centered beings who were all called to be there in person one way or another. I felt to honoured to be among them and especially honoured to be onstage with such prestigious company as Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, Dr. Michel Salla, Laura Eisenhower and so many other powerful speakers.

Quetza Sha and I presented on the last day of the…

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Introducing the Amazing Shaman and Healer, Quetza Sha


I am delighted to introduce to you the amazing shaman and healer, Quetza Sha. 

In this interview I serve as the interpreter. Quetza Sha shares some of his experiences growing up fully mulit-dimensional, his journeys to sacred sites around the world and also some interesting UFO encounters.

It's an honour to be able to share some of the wisdom and knowledge of the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Language can be such a barrier to understanding - but we are all coming together awake and aware!

I h…

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Light Your Lamp

we are the stars wrapped in flesh

At its most fundamental level, all of creation, including each of us, is made up of photons of light! How marvellous is that?

We are star dust and to dust we shall return. This body we inhabit is astonishing in its design and complexity. In addition to this body of flesh each of us also have a light body, also known as a prana body or energy body that is connected to our soul essence. This light body determines our overall health and state of being and it can be considered a reflection of our s…

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The Power of the Love...and the Cover-up!

Sharing this excellent interview with two scientists at the cutting edge of frequency studies. Very eye-opening! 

These scientists confirm that LOVE is the most powerful frequency known to humankind...and that this information has been suppressed.

Get the story here.

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The Memory of Water and Its Powerful Potential

water drops
Water carry life enhancing frequencies, or it can carry negative energy, even for generations. It is affected by human thought, or consciousness, and can be programmed so to speak. This information is groundbreaking and I believe it holds the key to our survival as a human race!
The premise of this film is revolutionary to our world view because it holds to key to how we can solve humanity's most serious problems: how to clean up our environment, eradicate disease, maximize health, and actually c…

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The Vaxx: Scientific Materialism vs. Divine Human Connection

This video is for the yogis and philosophers out there who are aware that we are engaged in a spiritual war at the moment. It is a war for our minds, hearts and souls. This battle can be distilled down to two clashing worldviews or paradigms: scientific materialism vs. 'the woo', as Clif High likes to call it. The Woo represents our natural state of being as eternal souls or consciousness residing in  this physical world and having a brief experience in a human body. In the Woo-view of things, c…

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