Bacalar, Mexico Yokhah Maya Retreat

with Asha February 26 - March 1

Join us on the path of illumination and accelerate your ascension into the Golden Age of Light!

Discover the ancient spiritual practices of the Maya while immersed  in the land of the Maya...

You will fall in love with the fresh water Bacalar Lagoon and its mind-blowing shimmering blue hues ranging from aquamarine to deep blue. Take a dive off the pier into clear blue water, or dip into the lake with a kayak,  and instantly be transported into another realm. Surrounded by varieties of birds, fish, fauna and ancient mangrove forest, Bacalar is a gem.

It is a true escape from the busy tourist areas just north along the coast, Bacalar offers peace, tranquility and the opportunity to return to our natural selves.

The Yokhah Maya Retreat will support you to return to the quiet, peaceful space within you so that you may fully commune with the spirits of nature that are so alive and well here. After this experience, you will return home re-vitalized and re-connected to Source in ways that will alter the trajectory of your life for the better.

Immerse yourself in the traditions of the ancient Maya who in turn received the teachings from emissaries of Atlantis and then went on to seed the great spiritual traditions of India and Tibet. You will learn that our history is all backwards and try on a new story of our origins and the shamanic practices of Yokhah Maya.

Asha received these teachings directly from her first Mayan teacher, Hunbatz Men, in the mid-nineties and now passes on the tradition faithfully as it was preserved for generations within the Itza Maya tribe of the Yucatan Peninsula.

During the retreat Asha will also blend Yokhah Maya with other traditional yoga practices creating a unique fusion. These practices of simple yoga poses, mantras, breathwork and mudras are shared in a way that all can participate regardless of their physical abilities or yoga experience.

You will never regret that you took time out to learn Yokhah Maya while steeped in the beauty and mystery of the lands of the Maya.

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