A Powerful Shift In Frequency That Changed My Life

In 1999, I experienced a personal shift in vibration that was so dramatic and uplifting that it launched me on a twenty year quest to understand what on earth had happened to me. It also initiated an incredible period of creativity and expansion in my outer life.

You could say that I had achieved a kind of plateau in terms of my spiritual development. I had been meditating and practicing yoga for many years and was in a position to share that with many people as the owner of my own yoga studio, host of a public access TV show and a director of yoga teacher training programs at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. I was fairly well known in my community and grounded in my practices.

Simultaneously I was exploring the realm of shamanism and making regular trips to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico to study ancient Maya spirituality at the many pyramids and ceremonial centers with Maya Elder and Daykeeper, Hunbatz Men. These trips fascinated me because they revealed direct correlations between Mayan cosmology and the ancient Vedic understanding that I was familiar with, but that is another story.

On this particular trip during the Spring Equinox of 1999, I travelled with about fifty others, first to the pyramids of Tikal nestled in the jungles of Guatemala and then to the beautiful and expansive freshwater lagoon of Bacalar in the Mayan Riviera. We were a group of spiritual adventurers from around the world and this time Hunbatz Men was joined by another shaman, Quetza-sha, who led a meditation with the sun. We were in a circle, knee-deep in the water, chanting and venerating the sun as the channel for the divine presence of Hunab-Ku, according to Mayan understanding.

What happened next came as a complete surprise: as I entered deeply into a meditative state, I felt what I can only describe as a beam of light from the sun pierce my heart. It sent a powerful radiation of energy from my heart-center throughout my entire body. Being an accomplished Hatha Yogi I responded to this sensation physically by arching back into the deepest heart-opening yoga pose I have ever done. And I stayed there in the pose effortlessly for the remaining 20-30 minutes of the meditation. This might sound extreme to some, but I was completely comfortable for the duration of the experience.

I had just experienced an enormous shift in frequency. You might call it a System Upgrade. After the meditation I was in a state of bliss, love and expanded awareness that was way beyond my ordinary experience. I felt expanded beyond the physical parameters of my body, connected to everyone, everything and feeling unconditional love for all of it. And what was remarkable was that I was not overwhelmed by other energies around me. Instead, my own frequency felt so powerful that it was transmitting out into the environment and seemed to have measurable affects on the people around me. Complete strangers were drawn to me, wanting to help me, enjoying the energy. For example, in the Houston airport a man who worked as a shoe-shiner was sitting on the same bench as me, taking a break. He kept sneaking glances at me and moving closer and closer (not in a creepy way). I think I must have been beaming like an angel because he got up and walked over to buy a lottery ticket – and waved it at me afterwards as if to say – ‘ you’re my lucky charm’! LOL

Getting home from Mexico the next day was challenging. I was having some difficulty integrating the frequency and felt ungrounded. The details of where to be and at what time took enormous concentration but I made it home thanks to some everyday miracles and the help of strangers.

For about two weeks I remained in this state of grace, ease and flow until the effect of everyday stresses and worries eventually returned me to my normal state of functioning. I was not yet ready to embody this higher frequency as my normal state or default operating position. But the experience of it left a lasting impression on me and it launched an incredible wave of creativity and movement in my life for which I am forever grateful. This glimpse of the upgraded version of me, or you could say the authentic ‘soul-level’ me, left a deep impression and the experience of it continues to reverberate today.