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Introducing the Amazing Shaman and Healer, Quetza Sha


I am delighted to introduce to you the amazing shaman and healer, Quetza Sha. 

In this interview I serve as the interpreter. Quetza Sha shares some of his experiences growing up fully mulit-dimensional, his journeys to sacred sites around the world and also some interesting UFO encounters.

It's an honour to be able to share some of the wisdom and knowledge of the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Language can be such a barrier to understanding - but we are all coming together awake and aware!

I h…

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The Power of the Love...and the Cover-up!

Sharing this excellent interview with two scientists at the cutting edge of frequency studies. Very eye-opening! 

These scientists confirm that LOVE is the most powerful frequency known to humankind...and that this information has been suppressed.

Get the story here.

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The Vaxx: Scientific Materialism vs. Divine Human Connection

This video is for the yogis and philosophers out there who are aware that we are engaged in a spiritual war at the moment. It is a war for our minds, hearts and souls. This battle can be distilled down to two clashing worldviews or paradigms: scientific materialism vs. 'the woo', as Clif High likes to call it. The Woo represents our natural state of being as eternal souls or consciousness residing in  this physical world and having a brief experience in a human body. In the Woo-view of things, c…

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What Happens in the Afterlife?


In this fascinating talk with consciousness explorer and physicist Tom Campbell, he clarifies his view of the afterlife and how we exist after death outside of this reality. He answers questions such as: Does your personality as Jane Doe continue after death? Do you continue to have experiences and learn in the afterlife? Are all of your experiences as Jane Doe continue to be available, and why?

Link to Tom's Talk

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Do ETs Exist and Are They All Benevolent Toward Humanity?

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 10.53.45 AM

Are we being visited by beings from a galaxy far, far away? If so, what are these intentions?

These seem critical questions to address at the moment! With Unidentified Aerial Phenomena everywhere in the news these days, it seems that humanity is being prepped to finally address the issue of the existence of extraterrestrial races head-on, very soon, after decades of cover-up and secrecy. Given this, I thought I would share some thoughts from Dr. Michael Salla of regarding the ne…

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