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Raise Your Frequency Course

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Raise Your Frequency Course

On Asha's Yoga Courses:..


‘I have known Asha Gayle for 30 years and I can say that she is an excellent teacher. We taught/directed Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training together in the ‘90’s and other yoga programs. I always enjoyed working with her and being in her sessions. I have no doubt you will be in for an awesome experience with Asha. Ommm.’

Jeff Prabakhar Migdow

Former Head of Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training Department, Allopathic & Homeopathic Physician

‘Asha Gayle was a true mentor to me as a teacher. Her gentle guiding and encouragement, her clear and concise teachings, her understanding and open heart allowed me to find my own inner teacher. Her expertise and experience set the stage authentic learning, focused studies and true self-exploration. Asha bestowed these teachings as a divine gift. She delivered this tradition and conveyed its wisdom from an ancient lineage with a pure heart. ‘

Melanie Shank

Yoga Teacher & Yoga Teacher Trainer, Playa Del Carmen Mexico

'You are a blessing to me~ forever! I first saw you teach yoga on Shaw Cable TV, and your program Discovering Yoga changed my life in how I take care of myself; I'll always remember you saying..."training the mind to focus, training the mind to quiet..." during your yoga teachings on TV. I thank you endlessly for bringing yoga into my life, as I have been practicing it ever since and a dream of mine one day is to teach yoga. I admire and respect what you do immensity! I don't use Facebook very much so when I came across your site, I had to take a chance to reach out and express my appreciation of you and what you do. God bless you and I thank you always.'

Isabella, Winnipeg Canada

'Asha's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training gave me confidence to begin teaching just one month after receiving my certification, and it continues to guide me now in my 12th year of teaching.  I was fortunate to assist a second training right away which was like receiving 400 hrs of pure confidence and I was extremely comfortable teaching others because Asha has a gift for passing on this very traditional Hatha style of yoga. Asha inspires confidence in her students and she is one of those precious teachers who learned from Amrit Desai, the former spiritual leader of the Kripalu community. In all my years of teaching so far I have found that those teachers who are close to the source or those who are the source are the ones I am drawn to study with because those teachers have an  incredible depth to their teachings.'

Tanis Hofman, Sayulita Mexico, 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

'Exceeded all expectations and brought to light lessons and learning that I will carry in my heart to call forth on the path for years and years to come. A wonderful and life affirming experience.'

Lael Sleep, Vancouver Canada 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

'This was one of the most amazing experiences I`ve ever had in my entire life; my knowledge of yoga has grown; my love and passion for yoga especially has blossomed into something amazing!'

Fiona Wong, Vancouver Canada 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training


'I think you are gifted as a teacher (Asha Gayle). You have an ability to give, give, and to love, love unconditionally. You really need to be sharing your love of yoga on a huge scale.`

Karen Goodridge, Winnipeg Canada, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

(Asha Gayle) 'You must be one of the most loving, nurturing peaceful people I have met in my life. I loved every one of your yoga classes and came out blissful every time.'

Manon Lapierre, Montreal Canada

'A great love for her own practice comes through her (Asha Gayle) when teaching, amazing flexibility and softness, combined with a profound inner strength. I felt very safe with her teaching and sharing and support.'

John Kochiss, USA, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

'What a genuine loving soul with a kind, huge heart and an obvious commitment to spiritual existence! Very inspiring sadhanas, full of permission and a lovely container for learning and letting go...'

Rachel MacLaren, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

'Really great beginner yoga training course. Asha (Gayle) is a wonderful teacher, fair, non-judgmental, inclusive, 'real'!'

Keltie Bassett, Vancouver Canada, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

'This course will…deepen your connection to, and understanding of, your wealth of spirit.”

Karen Heaps, Vancouver Canada, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

'I highly recommend attending a training with Gayle Dieleman – I personally took Yok`hah Maya training with her and it was truly an amazing experience – GO THERE!'

Dyan Santo Paolo, Texas USA,  Yok'hah Maya Training