Do ETs Exist and Are They All Benevolent Toward Humanity?

Are we being visited by beings from a galaxy far, far away? If so, what are these intentions?

These seem critical questions to address at the moment! With Unidentified Aerial Phenomena everywhere in the news these days, it seems that humanity is being prepped to finally address the issue of the existence of extraterrestrial races head-on, very soon, after decades of cover-up and secrecy. Given this, I thought I would share some thoughts from Dr. Michael Salla of regarding the new documentary film by Dr. Steven Greer, along with some thoughts of my own.

First, I whole-heartedly agree with Dr. Salla's reaction to the film. I also watched 'The Cosmic Hoax' recently and thought that it accurately warned of  the possible scenario of a fake alien invasion. However, as much as I respect the work of Dr. Greer, I do not think he portrays ETs in a realistic manner by assuming that they are all benevolent. This is clearly NOT the case if you have been following exopolitics for any length of time and have heard the countless testimonies from abductees or heard whistle blowers accounts of military interactions with ETs. If you are new to this subject, Project Camelot is an excellent resource for this type of information.

Dr. Salla also addresses the interesting argument about racism within the ET community - why are the good guys always fair skinned and good looking and the bad guys ugly and scary looking? Is this really the case? Not according to lifelong contactees and channellers of ETs such as Elena Danaan. In her book, 'A Gift From the Stars', she describes her own abduction experience by Greys and her rescue by a Pleiadian warrior. She describes in great detail many of the ET races and clearly some of the ones most malevolent to humans look just like us and are often very handsome people! Another lifelong contact is Simon Parkes who claims that some of the most benevolent beings appear as mantids and that there are some scary-looking reptilians that are supportive of mankind. There appears to be a wide range of beings and experiences out there to explore. 

Do they actually exist at all? That is up to you to decide. Personally, I have not had direct ET contact, not that I can remember in any case. However, I have had a fascination with the topic for decades and intuitively feel that many of the accounts shared over the years are correct. Clearly, something has been going on since the beginnings of humanity. My Maya teacher, Elder Hunbatz Men, often talked about the understanding in his culture that their ancestors came from the stars, specifically the Pleiades star constellation. He went further to say that the Maya consider Earth to be the eighth star of the Pleiades star system.  Whether this is factually accurate or not, it indicates a memory of very close ties that have been passed on for generations. Many, in fact most, Native American traditions claim similar stellar ancestry. And then there are those mysterious Renaissance paintings with flying discs in the background - hmmm...

 Carl Sagan got it right years ago when he said: 

“The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”

No one has all of the answers, but it may be dangerous and irresponsible to assume that all ETs feel kindly toward humanity and want to help us. My common sense tells me that just as there are earth humans with good and bad intentions, ETs are likely the same. The fact that they may have superior technology says nothing about their spiritual or ethical development.

If and when these beings make themselves publicly known, it seems important that humans hold onto their personal power, particularly their powers of discernment, and not fall into their knees in adulation.  K

My advice? Stay close to Source and keep your vibration strong and you will recognize those with good intentions as well as those that mean you harm,  just as you would when dealing with another human.

Empower yourself with knowledge and discernment fellow humans! 

- Asha

PS - Here are the links to the two videos:

The Cosmic Hoax: What's Coming? by Michael Salla

The Cosmic Hoax by Steven Greer


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