The Vaxx: Scientific Materialism vs. Divine Human Connection

Link to Clif High Video

This commentary was inspired by a video I saw recently on Bitchute with Clif High titled 'Woo Tech'. It is for the yogis and philosophers out there who are aware that we are engaged in a spiritual war at the moment. It is a war for our minds, hearts and souls. This battle can be distilled down to two clashing worldviews or paradigms: scientific materialism vs. 'the woo', as Clif High likes to call it. The Woo represents our natural state of being as eternal souls or consciousness residing in  this physical world and having a brief experience in a human body. In the Woo-view of things, consciousness or spirit, is primary and this physical existence emanates from that. This is in contrast to the current paradigm of materialism that insists that consciousness resides exclusively within the brain and physical anatomy. Thus, any awareness of existence beyond that is labelled 'woo-woo'. For the materialists, this is all there is, folks. Make the best of it.

Currently (but not for long) this paradigm of scientific materialism rules our world and has influenced us for at least a couple of hundred years. But it is falling apart at the seams due to insights obtained through new scientific breakthroughs in the nature of our biology and through quantum physics in particular. If you know even a little about the anomalies found within the quantum, you will know that this is very 'woo' world indeed. All is not what it seems. And if you have done any exploration of consciousness beyond the norm, you will know this from personal experience. We are headed down the yellow brick road, like it or not! Our world view is in for an enormous change and we are evolving along with it. We are in the midst of a great paradigm shift. For the great Hindu and Maya thinkers, we are on the cusp of a new golden age for humanity, which is taking shape as we speak.. It is a great time to be alive!

Right now, however, we are in the midst of a chaotic transition. Deep woo-woo. We are witnessing to what extremes the scientific materialists and transhumanists will go in order to extend human life. They are so disconnected from Source that it no longer registers inside of them as a reality. Their sense of "I-ness" is exclusively connected to this human form and it is perpetuated by their belief system. For this reason they are intent on merging the human body with  robotic/Artificial Intelligence, just like in the sci-fi movies. This is what Elon Musk's Neurolink is all about. It will essentially connect the human mind to an AI system so that your mind can be transplanted into another body, preferably one with robotic components to extend your lifespan. This pursuit is known as transhumanism. Think that sounds pretty good? Think again. It goes farther than that.

The current vaccine agenda is part of ushering the human race in the direction of transhumanism. The vaccines are not what they are purported to be. In addition to being untested and and ineffective at combatting the so-called virus,  the vaccines inject foreign mRNA/DNA into the human body that may transform our genome in ways that are completely unknown. In terms of advancing the transhuman agenda, the vaccines also contain nano particles - super tiny, sub-atomic particles in the form of graphene oxide. This is an artificial substance that multiplies within the bloodstream and organs of the body with disastrous consequences to human health. As we are now seeing, the presence of graphene oxide in sufficient quantities may result in death within hours or days by stroke, heart attack or anaphylactic shock. Depending on your physiology  and state of health it may take years. However, unless removed, the nano particles will take over the systems of the body and create susceptibility to all forms of illness.

Those that somehow survive the proliferation of nano particles within them will be deemed 'super human'  They may be considered some form of  augmented or altered human, perhaps with improved levels of physical ability and cognition. Like the super soldiers already in operation within the military. (I recommmend watching the movie Titans in Netflix to get a preview of what they are up to). However, these improved abilities will come at a high price. Very likely these individuals will be completely divorced from their natural human connection to Source/Creator, and higher consciousness. They will no longer have access to the incredible abilities that awakened humans have: to access information from beyond the physical state, to communicate telepathically, to alter timelines and to heal. And most importantly, to remain sovereign as independent and free  choice-makers . Because those driving this agenda clearly do not want humans to be free. This is about transforming humans into a form that may be monitored and controlled by an external source or artificial intelligence. It is a fascist communist dream machine. It is not 'super' or superior in any way.

Those who seek to control us know that in order to do so they must  sever our connection to God/Source, or at least dumb as down to the point where we no longer remember who we are. Which is where the majority are at the moment. They know that through our conscious intent and connection to Source we are powerful creators of reality. Our thoughts, when systematically directed through conscious intent, literally alter and create new forms. This is why this war has been primarily psychological and spiritual in nature. If they can control the mind set of masses of humanity, they control humanity itself and how reality will be shaped. Thankfully, it is not working. Time is not on their side. The shift is happening now and humanity is awakening to its true power in unprecedented numbers. This cannot be reversed. You cannot un-see the truth.

The battle is not yet over however, and it is imperative that we understand the elements within the battlefield. It could drag on for years, or be over in a few months, depending on how quickly we awaken to what is happening. Time is of the essence. Once this nano substance takes on sufficient structure and form it can be programed to respond to an external source, like AI, that may direct it, and us with it, at will. This communication is facilitated via the type of high intensity microwave radiation transmitted through 5G technology. It sounds very sci-fi and out there, but if you do the research you will find this to be true. Dr. Noack of Austria was the world's expert on graphene oxide and its affects. His last video presentation was very explicit. And he paid for it with his life. Cyrus Parsa and Dr. Robert Young are also a very good sources of information. 

So in these terms, this is a war over our access to consciousness itself and whether humans will continue to have the ability to maintain their divine connection to God/Source/Consciousness/Creator, however you want to look at. Some argue that consciousness can exist within a robotic form. I think Clif High makes a convincing argument here about why this cannot be the case. Tune-in and ponder for yourself where the truth may lie. Does it resonate or does it not? What does your intuition tell you? Then search for the facts to back it up. The truth is out there!


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