Light Your Lamp


At its most fundamental level, all of creation, including each of us, is made up of photons of light! How marvellous is that?

We are star dust and to dust we shall return. This body we inhabit is astonishing in its design and complexity. In addition to this body of flesh each of us also have a light body, also known as a prana body or energy body that is connected to our soul essence. This light body determines our overall health and state of being and it can be considered a reflection of our spiritual development. This is why great masters like Jesus and the Buddha were depicted with halos of light around their heads. Those halos signify a very evolved being who has perfected their light body. With this perfected state comes elevated wisdom, love and other spiritual gifts.

Yogis recognize the soul as the Atman, the eternal aspect of ourselves that travels with us lifetime after lifetime, evolving and  accruing experience and wisdom. The radiance of our light body depends upon many factors and the important thing to know is that the light body can be developed through spiritual practice. As such, it becomes our vehicle of ascension into higher states of being.

This teaching about the light body is present in every religion or spiritual tradition. As a child raised in a Protestant Christian family, of course I went to bible study classes. One of the bible verses that has always stood our for me comes form the Book of Matthew. I've often wondered why. It is a precautionary tales about ten virgins, or brides, who are instructed to always keep their lamps lit because they did not know the hour or the day when their bridegroom would come.

The Bible reveals its deeper esoteric meaning through allegory and metaphor. I believe these virgins represent each of us who desire to evolve as spiritual beings. The bridegroom represents the coming Christ Consciousness or enlightenment experience. This is an experience of union, or marriage, with our higher being. In order to be ready for this union, we the brides are to pay attention to the light within us. To insure that our lamps are lit and ready for when that opportunity comes...because it could be any day now!


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