Your Consciousness Controls Your Biology

Your consciousness does control your biology, most of the time!  But there may be exceptions to the rule. Sometimes an experience sticks with you no matter how clear your conscious intent may be. This may be because you have an agreement with Source/Creator to have this experience because there is something for you to learn from it. In that case, no amount of mind over matter will be effective until you get the lesson. But most of the time, experiments and experience have shown that cells of your body, even your DNA, respond to conscious thought. If you can visualize the outcome you want to have clearly, and long enough for your body to receive the message, the your cells will respond as if you have had the actual physical experience, and not simply a mental run-through of that experience.

High performance athletes use this principle to full advantage by visualizing every action, every muscle flex, prior to their performance. Their body will be primed just as if they had actually performed the action as a warm-up.

So just imagine if you could actually put this principle to work in your life! And you can: It is the foundation for all self-healing.
It requires, however, a state of consciousness where you can maintain a steady mind, focused upon the result that you want to achieve or the experience that you want to have. A powerful intention is essential. And the ability to hold a single point of consciousness for sustained periods of time. A meditation practice will develop this spiritual muscle for you.

This principle is also why I recommend slow, meditative yoga over a vigorous, fast-moving practice. Yoga is so much more than exercise. It is a profound system for self-regulation, healing and transformation when approached with the right kind of awareness. When you enter an asana slowly and mindfully, and hold it long enough for your mind to penetrate deeply into your cells, you are able to feel where your body is stuck, often deep beneath the surface layers into the prana body, also known as the emotional body. The yogis recognize that we have several bodies or non-physical 'sheaths' that surround and interpenetrate the physical. The prana body is one of these and we access this part of ourselves through focused attention and through the breath.  During the holding of an asana, if you can introduce a completely non-judgmental, loving attention into this space, even for seconds - true miracles can happen! Long-held physical and emotional tensions release. Physical symptoms may disappear overnight. This frees you up and makes more creative energy available for the fun things in life.This practice is called Prana Yoga.

Prana Yoga is a practice that is completely safe for beginners, but the deeper aspects of it require a kind of spiritual maturity. This is because working with prana requires a sensitivity that is cultivated over time. Essential to this practice is a steady mind and the ability to remain calmly focused even when triggered. It is actually quite difficult to maintain a loving vibration when you are in physical or emotional discomfort. But it is possible, little by little. And it requires that you already good at feeling into your body's physical limits. You need to be able to feel 'your edge'...the place where the feeling of discomfort begins to manifest and be able to distinguish that sensation from actual pain, the signal your body sends you when you are pushing too far and are about to injure yourself. Distinguishing between these sensations takes practice. Body awareness can take some time to cultivate as a beginner, so it is best to stay well within your physical limits. And if at all possible, practice with an experienced teacher.

The intention is to gently hold an asana in a manner that you can maintain for a few minutes, perhaps using cushions and props to support you, and to find the sweet spot on the comfortable side of 'your edge'. You will know you're there when you feel a little discomfort but can still maintain a full, deep breathing pattern. You will know you are there when you are able to stay calm and fully present with the sensation. You will know you are there when you can simply relax into the experience and allow the sensation to pulsate and shift and transform. This process is less about 'doing' and more about 'being'...about letting go into the wisdom of the body. The body is designed to be self-healing and self-correcting. Over-doing and over-thinking just get in the way. 

This kind of practice stimulates your prana body, often called your emotional body because this is where undigested emotions are stored within your being.  In this practice and emotional releases are common and a welcome sign of progress. Prana Yoga is an opportunity to clear and release old physical and emotional stuff that has gotten you stuck and unable to move forward in aspects of your life.  And, as you tune into the prana body you will also become aware of the energy hubs of the chakras, adding a whole new dimension your practice. Your chakras will naturally balance with this type of clearing practice and inner attention to prana. 

And when the time is right for you, you may experience a prana body awakening, or upgrade of frequency to a new level of sensitivity and activation. It is not unusual to experience spontaneous vibration or physical shaking as your body opens to new energetic pathways. This is a precursor to the natural awakening of kundalini energy. I have written about a significant energy shift that I experienced on my webpage: A Personal Frequency Shift That Changed My Life

We are collectively in this process of upgrading our frequency right now, also known as ascension. The energy of our Mother Earth is being activated by the sun, and so are we along with her. This is reflected in the spiking energy of the Schmann Resonance, the measurable electrical charge of the earth. For as long as this resonance has been measured it has remained at a steady 7.8 hertz, the same frequency as the human energy field. The human bioelectric energy field actually resonates in harmony with the heartbeat of the earth! In recent years however, the Schmann Resonance has been spiking upwards of 40 or 50 hertz. Unheard of. And each time it does, your prana body responds and either keeps up and resonates in harmony with it, or does not, and falls into dissonance or dis-ease.

So, if you are in touch with your prana body this process will be a relatively painless, perhaps even exhilarating and blissful...However, if your prana body is blocked and carrying  a lot of uncleared trauma from the past, you may experience uncomfortable physical symptoms like headaches, nausea, buzzing or rising in the ears, dizziness, feelings of anxiety, and much more...

Working with the prana body becomes essential to smoothly transition through this ascension process.

Check in with me if you would like to know more about Prana Yoga. If you can find a good Kripalu Yoga Teacher they should be well trained in this process. Or I can recommend some of the teachers that I have trained over the years.

This September,
I am launching an online Prana Yoga Teacher Training, so stay tuned! You can find out more about it on my webpage...

From my heart to yours,
Asha G
YouTube: Raise Your Frequency with Asha G

PS - For more on the science of how your mind interacts with your cellular biology I recommend reading 'The Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton - it is ground breaking and paradigm shifting!
Also, Candace Pert's research in 'Molecules of Emotion'.


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