Your Electric Rainbow Body

Your subtle body is made up of electromagnetic fields that resonate within the visible spectrum of light. Each of your seven chakras, when functioning optimally, reflect a different light frequency.

Your root chakra is the densest aspect of your physical being and vibrates to the same frequency as the colour red, the slowest frequency on the light spectrum other than black.

As you journey up the ladder of your chakras each chakra resonates at a slightly higher frequency: the sacral plexus is orange; the solar plexus, yellow; the heart chakra, green; the throat, blue; the third eye violet; the crown, white light. This is known as the rainbow journey, from lowest to highest frequency within the human body. 

It is important to note that just because a particular chakra resonates to a higher frequency, that does not make it more important or better than the rest. You will soon find that out what happens if you put all of your attention on the upper chakras and neglect your root chakra: Your physical health and finances will suffer as a result. Each chakra is as important as the rest. Each one represents an important aspect of life in physical form. If we were meant to meditate and pray all day, we wouldn’t need to be in a body, would we? 

We are here in physical form to learn and experience all aspects of life. Ensuring that we attend to each energy center will optimize our experience.

So why is it important to raise your vibration, if they are all equal? This idea of higher is good, lower is bad, stems from a confusion with the evolutionary journey of the kundalini system. It is true that on the journey to enlightenment we are seeking to raise our vibration. The Samkya philosophical tradition of India describes how we evolve from preoccupation with our limited physical to a higher state of consciousness while still embodied. This is described as a state of enlightenment. On the journey there we raise the kundalini energy from our root chakra, up through each center until it reaches the crown. Following that we merge into union with Source, or our original state as pure consciousness or awareness, except we still have physical form. It is the journey from pure identification with the physical to increased identification with non-physical consciousness and the much expanded awareness that comes along with this identification.

What is the experience of enlightenment like? Once the process is completed, our overall vibration, or signature vibration, receives an upgrade. Perhaps a little like vibrating at a higher octave. We are still in physical form, but our consciousness is operating at a higher frequency. Our mental and emotional selves have been purified and we vibrate much, much more to the positive. We also experience reality in different ways and realize ourselves as the co-creators of reality through every thought and emotion. There may also be heightened intuition, psychic abilities, and an increase in the number of seemingly magical synchronicities in our lives. It is said that with enlightenment our soul is liberated from the wheel of incarnation and we break free from the world of illusion. A little like breaking free from the matrix. Life takes on deeper meaning and there is less suffering because we have more insight into the nature of who we are and our place in the cosmos. We may come the realization that life is not happening to us, but for us....for our highest purpose.

In 1999, after immersion in yogic lifestyle practices, I experienced a big shift in consciousness that impacted the trajectory of my life. I’ve written abut this on my webpage. You can find it here: 

A Personal Energy Shift That Changed My Life

A word of caution: It is important to note that the process of raising kundalini energy the dedicated practice of yoga and meditation to prepare for the high intensity experience of kundalini. In the past, ascetics and monks withdrew from the world in order to dedicate themselves to the path of enlightenment. It is know to be fraught with danger to those who are unprepared. Attempts to rush the process could lead to uncomfortable side effects including mental and emotional  de-stabilization. It is best to practice with a teacher or guide. Hatha Yoga , Pranayama and Meditation will strengthen the prana body and purify the nervous system so that one is less likely to become become de-stabilized. It is possible for kundalini to awaken gently and naturally if you undertake a regular meditation practice and include practices like pranayama breathing that stimulate the prana body. 

The process of ascension into a higher dimension such as 5D is related to this process. And it is also reflective of something more that is gradually happening to the collective of humanity as a whole. Indeed, the evolution of our planet and our entire solar system. The planets and the sun are consciousness beings also, on their own evolutionary journey. We are going along for the ride, whether we are aware of it or not, so buckle up your seatbelts!

More on this at another time....for now, continue learning and exploring. If you feel drawn to explore more of these concepts and want to get to know your own energy anatomy, I urge you to take my Do-It-Yourself course titled, Raise Your Frequency. Or dive deeper into the chakras with the more in-depth, Journey of Seven Superpowers, or if you are ready for a big shift sign up for a three month inner journey with me! All of these programs will inform you and guide you as you explore who you are, why you are here, and where you may be going....And each one includes at least one mentoring session with me to answer your questions and help you to become unstuck when confusion or resistance gets you bogged down.

Here are the links to these programs: 

Raise Your Frequency DIY Course

Journey of Seven Superpowers DIY Course

The Deep Inner Journey Program

Be well,

Asha G


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