It’s Summer Solstice - Time to Kiss the Sun!

Prepare for Ascension: Kiss Father Sun! Today is the day to honour the sun for its live-giving vitality. I studied Maya Yoga or Yok’hah with shaman and day keeper Hunbatz Men from the mid-90’s until 2008 when I led a Yok’hah Maya training with Don Hunbatz.  In Maya Yok’hah, just as it is in the yoga tradition of the East, the sun plays an essential role in the activation of our inner sun, the activation our prana and DNA in preparation for ascension, or the enlightenment process.

Your body electric: You may think of your prana body as your light body or Spirit body. It is connected to the part of you that lives eternally within the realm of consciousness or Spirit. Your prana body is an aspect of your Sprit or consciousness. It receives data from the world around you through the medium of frequency and then your physical senses translate that into what you experience as physical reality. All of your experience within this dimension is fundamentally frequency being perceived into being, as your reality. And each of the seven energy centers within your light body anatomy anchor in and receive various levels of frequency: from the lowest in your root chakra, to the higher frequencies resonating in your third eye and crown chakra. 

Schumann Resonance: As you may know, if you have taken my course, Raise Your Frequency, your prana body or energy field is very sensitive to frequencies emitted by the electrical discharge of the sun. As the solar wind impacts upon the earth’s magnetic field, all life on the planet is charged by its frequency. The earth itself becomes magnetically charged. This phenomena is known as the Schumann Resonance. It has been called the heartbeat of the earth. Your own physical frequency of 7.8 Herz, under normal conditions, resonates in harmony with the usual Schumann Resonance of 7.8 herz. Except that we are NOT living in normal times! The Schumann Resonance, due to increased activity of the sun, has been spiking up to 40, 60 herz and even higher! This therefore, has a profound impact on the human energy field and frequency. The sun is literally the prime mover of the enlightenment process and it is raising your frequency whether you like it or not, so you may as well get with the process!

The Photon Band: According to the Maya cosmology, our solar system, and of course earth along with it, are moving into what is known as the photon belt. This is a dense band of photons which the solar system’s transits on its orbit around the center of our galaxy. The photon band is understood to contain a much higher density of photon/light particles. It is an area that is highly charged. The entire solar system gets activated as it passes through this photon band. And because it impacts upon your prana/light body, it speeds up the evolution of consciousness within you and within the planetary system as a whole. This is the process known as ascension.

The Golden Age of Light:  The Maya understood it as the gateway into the Golden Age of Light. This is literally an enlightened time where consciousness takes a Great Leap Forward - like the great awakening occurring right now - and great advances are made in human consciousness with respect to our understanding of our place in the cosmos. This is fueling the current push for disclosure of extraterrestrial races. The Golden Age of Light is considered to be a time of peace and harmony and advancement of the human race, where we will finally come to understand ourselves and our cosmic heritage.

Kiss the Sun Practice:
On this Summer Solstice, when the sun is at its peak of vitality and strength, take a moment to invite the sun deep into your being.
  • First, take a moment to center and ground yourself.
  • Breathe several deep full breaths.
  • Raise your hands towards the sun and feel its presence.
  • Then imagine breathing in the rays of the sun through the crown of your head all the way down through the soles of your feet and into the mother earth.
  • Repeat this seven times, holding the sun’s light in each of your power centres, or chaklas in Maya.
  • Finally, bring your attention to your heart, hands over the heart.
  • Imagine your heart as an inner sun radiating love and peace to the four directions, above you and below you, and then radiate in all directions as far as you can imagine.
  • Continue with meditation as desired. Send solar love and light to family and friends. To all your relations here on Earth and in the heavenly dimensions.

If you are interested in more practices along these lines, you may benefit from my online Do-It-Yourself course, Raise Your Vibration: Tapping into the Power of Personal Vibration. 

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In Lak’ech.


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