What Is Yok'hah Maya?

The word Yok'hah literally means 'to ascend to the highest truth'. Yok'hah Maya practices work closely with the energy of the sun to awaken our cosmic memory and to refine our innate spiritual capacities. By interacting consciously with solar energy through ceremony, meditation and mantra we begin to remember who we really are as keepers of the planet with a cosmic heritage from the stars.

Yok'hah Maya guides us to live in greater harmony with  Mother Earth, Father Sun and our cosmic brothers and sisters and to come into balance with the beauty, power and rhythms of our natural world.

The techniques and practices of Yok'hah Maya include breathing practices, hand mudras used in meditation, Mayan sacred sounds or mantras and sun gazing. There are also simple physical postures that are practiced within a trance state to enhance our ability to experience such things as time travel and divination, or remote viewing.

Together these practices begin to awaken the transformational energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine and to purify the chaklas. The Mayan term used for this process of energetic awakening is kultanlilni. 

As one advances on the journey of awakening through Yok'hah Maya, the powerful energy represented by the sleeping serpent is gradually awakened and begins to rise up the spine until it reaches the crown of the head.  Once the crown is illuminated by this energy, one gains access to higher dimensions of existence. At this point of awakening the serpent takes wings and become Kukulkan, represented in Maya iconography as the Feathered Serpent.