This webpage is dedicated to supporting you on your personal quest to raise your vibration and to reaching your full potential as a multidimensional cosmic human being.

             Are You Resonating To Your Highest Potential and Purpose? 

Mastering personal vibration makes you a powerful force for healing and change in the world...
and the world desperately needs you  and I to manifest your full potential right now.

There is so much at stake. 

Consciousness is who you are at your essence.....

You are a powerful conscious being residing within a human form that resonates with electrical frequencies from the level of your brain waves and heartbeat all the way down to the positive and negative charge of protons and neutrons and the buzz of sub atomic particles within you. Your physical body evolved over millions of years and resonates with the heartbeat of the earth. Your consciousness is eternal and resonates through to the sun, the moon and the stars...

Your personal frequency determines your state of health, how gracefully you will age, your immunity to disease and your enjoyment of life. You have the ability to enter into the Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies  through meditation, and to co-create your reality with a clear, compassionate intent. This practice and the daily practice of diligence with your thought, word and deed allows you to attract through synchronicity base 0n your frequency and resonance. There will still be challenging moments, because that is how we grow, but you get the lesson and bounce back much more rapidly. 

Life teaches us that the highest potential is realized when we actualize the frequency of love - of peace, compassion and cooperation with our fellow humans.

Our Sun is changing and our earth is ascending into a new reality with a higher frequency.

In the yoga traditions from the East and also from the West in the form of Yok'hah Maya, the sun is recognized as the vehicle for spiritual illumination.

According to the Maya our solar system is travelling through a portion of the galaxy known as the Photon Belt - an area that is dense with photonic light and high frequency energies. This is causing the Sun to act as a frequency transmitter of energy from deep within the galaxy to our earth. The Sun is going to make a big shift and this will affect all life on earth. This will initiate a new solar cycle that the Maya referred to as the Sixth Sun. If you have prepared yourself energetically and are able to adapt your frequency to these new energies you will experience fewer symptoms of discomfort as this shift occurs and much more easily you adapt to this new stage of your evolutionary journey.

Join Asha as she reveals an astonishing new set of teachings from ancient Mesoamerica that will connect you deeply with the beauty, power and rhythms of the natural world and reach your awareness into the stars towards cosmic consciousness.


Begin your journey to illumination...

Upcoming Zoom Classes

A new series of classes with Asha...

Here Comes the Sun!

Cosmic Maya Yoga

3 LIVE Zoom classes starting February 4th

Learn how to integrate solar energy and prepare your body/mind as our sun transition into a new solar cycle known to the Maya as the Sixth Sun.

Join Asha for a unique exploration of practices from the East and the West that include meditation, breathwork and simple physical movements focused around  the energetic pathways of your subtle light body that will activate the chakra centers.

Create a daily practice for yourself that will allow you to integrate these powerful solar and cosmic energies in a way that minimizes the discomfort of 'ascension symptoms' and accelerates your evolution.

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How I can help you...

After more than 30 years of teaching and helping others to raise their vibration, I am naturally inspired to:

  • Help you to keep you personal vibration strong so you will never again neglect your own wellbeing.
  • Provide you with tools for assessing where you may be stuck in your life and how to get back on track.
  • Help you to establish a daily practice that will suit your lifestyle and temperament.
  • Show you how to de-mystify the spiritual and elevate all aspects of you life to become sacred.
  • Remind you that the main reason you are here is to learn how to transform fear into love.
  • Provide a big picture blueprint for your evolutionary journey and the multi-dimensional being that you truly are.

If you are feeling the call to enhance your personal vibration and evolve into the next phase of your soul's journey, please send me a message and let me know what some of your challenges are.


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